End the extension cord nightmare for your outside Christmas lights and decorating. Yep, end that nightmare. All you need are the right extension cords to do your Outdoor Christmas Lighting and you will be looking forward to decorating for Christmas again next year.

I remember decorating with my mom and using these little clip on outlets to use outdoors and wrapping every connection in plastic wraps and little baggies…wow we’ve come a long way!

A Note About Safety…

When purchasing outdoor cords, look for labels marked with UL or ETL. This means that the product has been tested by an independent laboratory recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Be sure the packaging states that it is designated for outdoor use. Outdoor extension cords are weatherproof and designed for use in harsh winter weather. Purchase timers to automatically turn lights on and off. Lights should be turned off when people are not present and they should not be left on overnight.

Electrical outlets for exterior lighting should accommodate three-prong grounded plugs and should be on an electrical circuit protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

When connecting outdoor lighting, be careful not to have all the cords, plugs and wires that come from the same electrical outlet. One of the greatest dangers when installing outdoor lighting involve the use of ladders. Use a high-quality, sturdy ladder that is the proper height. Be sure it is securely positioned. To avoid falls, move the ladder instead of leaning from side to side.

I have several 25 foot extension cords that have 3 outlets on the end that I run from the outside outlets in the back of my yard to bring electric into my front yard and also use the outside front outlets. It brings the electric out to where you need it. Do not use inside outlets and close the window on the cord…big no no, by doing this can create a fire and/or damage to your home and window. I also use 25 foot extension cords that have 3 two outlet that are spaced throughout the cord. I love my Christmas extension cords and everyone in my home knows they are off limits. I store all my cords in a bin in my garage marked “Christmas Extension Cords”

A great way to connect net lights in your garden is to use a multi outlet stake. You can easily connect your lights through the stake. The stake can plug directly into your outside outlet or through the multi-outlet extension cord. Most stakes come with waterproof covers which eliviate those plastic bags.

Most multi outlet stakes now come with timers or remotes that allow you to turn off your lights at night. Two in One….just makes your decorating that much easier.

By using these great cords, I’m able to have the brightest house on the block during Christmas. Every year I have to promise my dear husband that I won’t buy any more Christmas lights or decorations! Somehow I always find one that I just have to have. The new LED lights are great…my mission is to replace all my lights with LED..but then again I promised.