LED lighting Control System Overview

LED lighting in the landscape lighting has gone through ten years of history, and its control technology has developed in several stages, each stage to solve the many problems at the same time raises new questions each point. The following LED control technology to further discussion.

What is the distribution curve

Light distribution curve of the definition:
Distribution curve is actually a lamp or light source that emits light in the space distribution. It can record the luminous flux of lamps, light quantity, power, power factor, lamp size, lamp efficiency, including lamp manufacturers, models and other information. The most important thing of course, recorded the light in all directions the light intensity.

How to choose good LED lighting

Modern lighting has become a light culture in the field of LED lighting to provide consumers with high-quality lighting products will also provide total lighting solutions for first place, has become a trend. Therefore, the selected lamps should focus on the macro choose reputable manufacturers, brand good products.

Enhance the application of the static test technology in the LED quality

LED applications has been extended to various fields, including the LCD Backlight, Backlight phone, signal lights, art lighting, architectural lighting and stage lighting control, home lighting and other fields, according to DIGITIMES Reasearch survey