Lighting design solutions

    Lighting design solutions
    Lighting design solutions is the art and science of lighting the human environment. Get professional ideas and tips for residential landscape lighting design.
    Like a director staging a play, a lighting designer has within his or her grasp the ability to create atmosphere, movement and emotion.
    Lighting designs are pragmatic solutions that realize the potential of a space. They are driven by best practices, data analysis, function, technical acuity and an understated elegance that complements architecture and respects the environment.

    Rgbw super power led linear wall grazing lighting plus pixel & wall washer with long-distance projection for architecture facade

    Narrow Beam led flood lights after effects

    LED Point Lights PMMA With Ceiling And Wall For Architecture Facade

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    LED Mini Wall Washer Outdoor Lights SMD China 10w For Building Projecting

    wall washer lighting china design

    RGB Pixel LED Point Lights With Wall For Architecture Facade

    rgb dmx LED wall washer idea

    Wall Wash Lighting RGB DMX SMD Outdoor Epistar LED DC24V

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    outdoor led spot lights china design

    RGB Pixel LED Point Lights With Wall For Architecture Facade

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    led wall wash lighting outdoor bridge china design

    High Power RGB Colored LED Inground Lights

    led underground light design chinese

    led underground lighting china design

    DMX RGBW Exterior LED Wall Washers Lighting For Outdoor Building

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    Compact 1-way In-ground Lights With One Sectors Of Vertical Surface

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    led architectural lighting design china

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    Wall Wash Lighting RGB DMX SMD Outdoor Epistar LED DC24V

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    Bridge lighting – led tube landscape lighting ideas

    DMX Anti-glare LED Wall Washer China, 18w 24V CREE Chip Uplight Fixture

    Bridge lighting – led floodlight landscape ideas

    LED Linear Lights Outdoor SMD Rigid Strip For Wallwashers Building

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    Low Voltage Landscape Lighting&LED Pixel Point Lights For Architecture Facade

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    CREE RGB LED Wall Wash Landscape Lights For Architecture Facade

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    architectural lighting – led point landscape lighting

    Lighting design is an important component of architecture and interior design, are the last increase for the building of “light” add “color” is an important tool. Lighting design is based on the most important tasks of the Visual needs of consumers, with ingenious mobility of light and shade, modify and beautify buildings, creating beautiful, comfortable Visual environments for people.

    Part of bridge landscape lighting system for bridge construction projects, bridges for lighting bridges, increase overall image, plays an extremely important role. Most beautiful bridges around the world are using lighting to show the structure of the United States.

    Create a comfortable, beautiful and reasonable bridge lighting, is the goal of lighting designer.

    Waterscape is by the image of the material, size, posture, such as sound, light, color and water blending together, between them is an interrelated whole. In water culture landscape, different types of water landscape is rich resources, should be build in the water landscape. An open water culture landscape in contact with the people, for people viewing, so it has the commonality, openness and participation, it is people’s share of water culture.

    Residential landscape has innate affinity for water, such as landscape, residential landscape, artificial landscape, outdoor space landscape, natural landscape, pay attention to the harmonious relationship between water and human. The modern people to pursue a comfortable, safe, healthy and elegant life, to meet the various requirements of material and spiritual living life, want to notice to improve the quality of the water culture