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    Input anti-jamming performance switching power supply, because of the characteristics of its own circuit (Tandem), the general input disturbance, such as surge voltage is difficult to pass, the output voltage stability index of this technology compared with the linear power with more Big advantage, its output voltage up to (0.5 ~ 1)%. Switching power supply module as an integrated power electronic devices, in the selection should note the following:

    The choice of output current Due to high efficiency switching power supply, generally 80% or more, so in the choice of the output current should be accurately measured or calculated the maximum absorption current of electrical equipment to be used so that the switching power supply with high performance and low cost,usually

    Output is calculated as:Is = KIf Where: Is-switching power supply rated output current;
    If-electrical equipment, the maximum absorption current;
    K-factor margin, generally of 1.5 to 1.8;

    Switching power supply linear power supply will produce more than the interference, common mode interference on sensitive electrical equipment,grounding and shielding measures should be taken by ICE1000, EN61000, FCC and other EMC constraints, switching power supply electromagnetic compatibility EMC measures are taken,

    Therefore, switching power supply should normally be with EMC EMC filter. Hua Fu techniques, such as HA Lead Series switching power supply, its FG terminals to chassis ground or take the user in order to meet the electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

    Protection circuit
    In the design of switching power supply must have been current, overheating, short circuit protection, it should be the preferred protection in the design of switching power supply modules are available, and the technical parameters of its protection circuit with electrical equipment should match the operating characteristics,

    To avoid damage to electrical equipment or switching power supply.

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