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    1, the building exterior lighting
    An area of the building project, is that the head using the control beam angle and the square head shape Floodlights, which Floodlights with the traditional concept of exactly the same. However, the LED light source is small and thin, linear projection lamps projection lamps LED R & D will undoubtedly become a major attraction, as many buildings where there is no overhang for traditional projection lamp. It’s easy to install, can also be the standard vertical installation, better integration with the building surface, the lighting designer lighting brought new vocabulary, expanding the creative space. And historic buildings to modern architecture and impact of lighting techniques.
    2, landscape lighting
    LED light effect chart
    Unlike traditional lighting because LED light sources are mostly glass bulb shell, it can be very good with the city street furniture combination. Leisure space in the city, such as paths, stairs, deck, waterfront, garden for lighting. For flowers or low shrubs, you can use the LED as a light source for lighting. LED Floodlights hidden style will be particularly popular. Fixed end plug can be designed according to the height of plant growth, to facilitate adjustment.
    3, logo and instructions of the lighting
    Need to limit and guide the establishment of space, such as the separation of road surface shows local staircase lighting, emergency exit lighting instructions, you can use the surface brightness of the appropriate LED lights from the light-emitting buried or embedded in the vertical wall lamps, such as theater audience hall on the ground to guide the side of the indicator lights or seats, and the boot floor shopping center lights. In addition, LED and neon compared to, because it is low, there is no fragile glass, will not bend to increase production costs, should promote the use of the logo design.
    4, the interior display lighting
    On lighting quality, because the LED light source does not heat, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, no damage to exhibits or merchandise, compared with traditional light sources, lamps do not need an additional filter device, lighting system is simple, inexpensive, easy to install. The precise distribution of light, fiber optic lighting can be used as a substitute for the museum. Metropolitan commercial use of colored lighting LED, white LED interior with decorative interior to provide auxiliary lighting for the interior, you can use the hidden light with LED, especially beneficial for low space.
    5, the entertainment and stage lighting
    Because LED’s dynamic, digital control color, brightness and dimming, lively color saturation can create static and dynamic lighting effects. The whole spectrum from white to any color, LED’s use of lighting in these spaces opened up a new way of thinking. Long life, high lumen maintenance value (10,000 hours of luminous flux maintained 90%), and PAR 50 lamps and metal halide compared to 250 hours of life, reduced maintenance costs and replacement of light frequency. In addition, LED overcome the metal halide lamp used for a time the phenomenon of color shift. Compared with PAR light, no heat radiation, can make the space more comfortable. Current LED color wall decorations in the restaurant building has become a common practice in the application.
    6, the video screen
    Full-color LED display is the world’s most spectacular outdoor large display device, the use of advanced digital video processing technology, has an unparalleled large area and high brightness. Depending on the indoor and outdoor environments, using a variety of light-emitting pixels, to achieve a different brightness, color, resolution, to meet a variety of purposes. It can dynamically display graphic animation information, the use of multimedia technology, can play all kinds of multimedia files. The world’s most influential LED display comes as the New York Stock Exchange, Times Square, Manhattan, for a total of 18,677,760 using only LED, an area of 10,736 square feet. Screen can be divided into multiple screens, but also showed that the Wall Street stock market at a glance presented before the public. Another rise in the Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui Financial Center headquarters in Aurora, the entire facade of the building toward Puxi bordered the large 100m long LED screen, a total area of 3,600 square meters. Rated in the world.
    7, the vehicle lamp lighting
    For electric vehicles. Motorcycle automobile lighting the lamp

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