led point pixel lights with ceiling and wall luminaires in China

LED Point Lights suitable for the outline and decoration of the building
Use super brightness LED chips and built-in constant current driver to ensure the stability of the performance;

LED Point Lights Product Features

  • LED point lights outdoor is die-casting aluminum lamp body, plastic-sprayed surface treatment.
  • Light source adopts CREE/OSRAM, can also specify other reliable brand, droop small high stability; For nearly 10 years of professional experience, unique drive technology, ensure the stability of each LED work.
  • LED point lights is suitable for the building metope adornment, landscape lighting, can adapt to a variety of temperature and humidity of inside and outside environment for way: at the bottom of the lamps and lanterns.
  • Waterproof design: special seal glue potting process, greatly reduced due to water damage of lamps and lanterns.
  • LED point lights installation method: screw fixed directly, easy and convenient.
  • Colour effect, can choose the single color or RGB full color composite.