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    Outdoor landscape lighting design is as follows:

    1. basic properties environments select the lighting scheme of the environment lighting design must be accurately grasp the nature of the environment in the lighting mode tries hard to be integrated into the design, so that lighting planning become an integral part of environment design, support and act now in landscape ideas, helped negotiate the overall style of lighting model. Ambient lighting design should be based on the environment of various landscape features, do it in style and design. Landscape lighting and lighting design should consider the impact of various optical elements for basic properties environments at night, making the observer relative to the environment to any location, have access to good lighting and light color psychological feeling, the observer understand the environment designed for artistic impression. Lighting design lighting in different environments, and selection of the light source must be consistent and places of installation environment, harmony and unity. When choosing a lighting and lighting, landscape layout and architectural style of the environment types, varieties of garden plants and so on many other factors, make comprehensive consideration. Moreover ambient lighting selection in addition to night light function, must also reflect the embellishment and landscaping requirements during the day. For example for the rest of the landscape lighting scheme, should be considered in the design of lighting comfort and affinity, lighting fixtures should fully take into account all of a sudden fusion of environment and environmental comfort and quality of response. Display of ambient lighting, should be considered in the design of lighting expression were soldiers scenario and demonstrates the subject, pay attention to lighting and light and is showing the harmony and unity of the subject and themes to provide the most appropriate “light” of the expression. Garden environment of the nature of services provided need to be combined with the environmental characteristics of the service area, such as decorative business districts or entertainment should consider colorful lighting solutions, emphasizing rendering its prosperous and rich atmosphere. Administrative functions of the city environment of lighting should be more simple but solemn, elegant and bright light color style staff. And campus landscape environment Notes environment of campus culture, highlighting the characteristics of academic atmosphere of campus culture, expressing open campus environment and so on. Can be said for environmental analysis and accurate grasp of the nature is a prerequisite for lighting design is correct, reasonable. Ambient light design should not be limited to meeting the illuminance standard at this level, should conduct a comprehensive assessment on the environmental analysis of the basic properties of lighting quality, fade, simplifying illumination indicators.

    2. Select lighting solutions based on key subjects environmental landscape lighting as required by environmental topics including field sense, sense of belonging, intimate sex, public sex, science and technology, a sense of fun and fantasy, commercial, national character, and so on. Ambient lighting is essential to the topic, which determines the arrangement of various other elements. Through the full Anatomy of illuminated objects, features, style, thorough understanding of light and shadow and the specific role of the environment to simulate a night view of viewpoint and Visual State, enhance the visual perception of architectural and environmental shows. With night lighting or exaggerated the performance of environmental key features to enrich the topic. Take full advantage of non-uniform lighting, dynamic lighting, and in time of need, take the right amount of light to those most in need, people-oriented, front theme personalized designs–enhanced lighting control, pay attention to the different needs of different topics on, pursuit of personal style of lighting. Careful analysis according to topic, body weight. Point, line, surface and volume balance, take care, exploit the characteristics of light creates light atmosphere of the theme. We can use different lighting to guide the audience on the theme of sight, through isolated tones, neighboring tones of high contrast, through saturated and lighter color scheme by fuzzy and clear reality to match, so that subject’s key features are appropriately proper lighting to express. Use these lighting expression give attention is focused on different subjects in the foreground, middle ground and background. On modern city gardens environment in the of some theme, as bridge lighting, and fountain waterscape lighting and trees grass lighting herb with different of lighting design, and detailed select different of modern lighting engineering in the of new lamps, and new light and materials to full expression these different of theme, even to these theme night of special requirements, science using some technology as LED more color lighting, and light soldering lighting, and laser lighting and as film filter color tablets color Pan light lighting. Can say that theme is environmental focus, theme lighting is a core part of lighting design, environmental lighting its proper use is the ultimate key to success.

    3. Select lighting solutions based on environment renders the atmosphere in landscape lighting design features to distinguish environmental lighting and background lighting, decorative lighting, and accent lighting. And on the key qualities to form to determine the lighting atmosphere. Light environment design of rendering the atmosphere not just light, flood light, lighting, but the art of landscape painting composition. Lighting design should be chosen according to the Visual atmosphere of the environment lighting solutions, focusing on light and color choice, using light to create mood and atmosphere, meet people’s mental and spiritual pursuits. Ambient mood lighting color control in color, medium to light color, light color, background-color, color considerations must first meet basic requirements for the environment, in line with the aesthetic needs of people for this atmosphere. For example red romantic warm, purple, blue, green and calm peace of mind, purity of white, yellow and noble. While to concern light of mixed and superimposed by formed of atmosphere effect, different was according to objects of material reflection of color positioning etc, using properly, can highlights specific of rendering on like is painter of art works as, lighting designer can according to environment atmosphere of specific needs, using various lighting way and lighting lamps played various light for creation, expression Designer on environment atmosphere of understanding, on theme of feel and through different of light express feelings. This environment rendering approach, which can be decorative or natural, can also be abstract. In order to make the person produces Lenovo or implied in a particular environment, with decorative lighting to highlight the representation of light and shadow, and expression of that atmosphere, mainly according to the lighting designer for the keen observation and an accurate understanding of the environment, the full rendering of the atmosphere using lighting techniques to achieve. Said lighting lighting renders the atmosphere is the artistic expression in design, is from excessive illumination design to design the light key to artistic expression.

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