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    I believe that many of our partners should have such doubts when driving: why do not most highways have street lights?

    Night driving on the highway, but can only see a piece around the dark, in addition to the car headlights and pavement reflective signs, basically can not see other people’s light, no sense of security. Why isn’t there a street light on the freeway? Is it safer to have street lights?

    In fact, do not install street lamps, not to save costs, but for safety, construction, management and other factors comprehensive consideration.

    First of all, we should consider it from a safe point of view.

    Street lights are more designed for non motorized vehicles and pedestrians who do not have the ability to light roads at night, so that they can travel safely and conveniently.

    As some busy cities, often have a perfect street lighting system, not only convenient for pedestrians to travel, but also allows drivers to more clearly find non motorized vehicles and pedestrians.

    But on the highway, is generally not allowed to walk on pedestrians and non motor vehicles, the design maximum speed is less than 70km/h the car is prohibited to high-speed, and the highway is closed the road, on both sides of the road will have a fence, like cattle and sheep and some other animal is generally not suddenly run the highway.

    So there will be no car city road mixed traffic, plus highways are generally smooth, even if there will be very little sharp turn. In short, the highway is relatively simple road, for the driver’s friends, as long as always pay attention to the road ahead and maintain a good distance from the car, it will not be a big problem.

    Perhaps you will ask: will it be more convenient to install street lights on expressways?

    The answer is no, because the street lighting is not continuous, if the driver is in constant speed driving on the highway, white light lamp appeared a certain rhythm, which not only give people a sense of vertigo, long time of the light and dark will have “hypnotic” effect, which for a second can run 20 meters of the car is very dangerous.

    Because our car has headlights, so when the external lighting is inadequate, the headlights can provide more safe lighting for drivers. Due to the isolation belt in the middle of the road, there is no need to worry that the headlights will sway towards the vehicle. The ground signs and road signs also reflect light on the driver’s eye in the light of the headlights, enough to guide the driver in the right direction.

    Therefore, from the security point of view, the highway does not install streetlights will not affect traffic safety.


    In 2014, China’s total highway mileage has been more than one hundred thousand kilometers, and if these highways are fitted with street lights, the enormous cost can be imagined.

    Not only that, during the laying of equipment, installation, labor costs, coupled with the cost of maintenance later, is astronomical.

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