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    A good LED lighting products, it includes all kinds of resources integration, raw material choice, light, heat, electric design and so on,

    This post is not for the product material, materials, and products aimed at the existing product design error only simple description:
    LED lighting products and traditional difference between its lighting, light Angle, light also can’t stand the heat,
    Enter the optical and thermal design, but is quite shocking, especially in today’s domestic practitioners,
    Excessively pursuing the shadow of the traditional lighting and shape, that violates the unique to the LED lighting products, the prototype some design!
    1. In terms of heat dissipation shape, a variety of traditional appearance imitation, brought a bad heat dissipation, heat accumulation, the consequences of premature failure fault light products!
    2. In terms of optical appearance, a variety of traditional die fang appearance, has brought the serious loss of light and color temperature and color rendering performance greatly reduced!
    3. On the power supply resettlement way, simply use the built-in, all kinds of manufactured, has brought the capacitance critical crack, the end of the power drive temperature damage!
    In point 1, the product of heat dissipation design must consider the product to analyze a complex use of all kinds of environment,
    Not just on how our shell test at the factory how can ensure the quality of received products!
    Just 2 points, the optical design of LED products is also including the circuit design of the product,
    LED application lighting gives light effect should not be simply by what, what what shell can simply solve!
    In addition, there are some optical requirements for LED products go against too obviously,
    Want to brightness and the light is downy and the product is likely to small, it obviously is hard to get!
    Point 3, as long as there is thought to do, can do it,
    Need not go becoming completely to what development to capacitor drive, a capacitor drive,
    As long as there is talent is a powerful manufacturer should do well the design,
    This design is also very simple, with some simple test set is sufficient to ensure product life!

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