LED Wall Lights Outdoor Manufacturers In China, Good Price, Good quality !

LED Wall Lights Outdoor For Architecture Surface-mounted

Wall lights with narrow beam light distribution optionally with light emission on one or two or three or four sides.

LED Wall Lights Outdoor For Windows

Wall and ceiling-mounted luminaire, 180°& 360° blade effect optic.

Recessed Wall Lights Exterior

Recessed LED wall lights for corridors, pathways and staircases, and wherever dangerous areas have to be marked.

LED Wall Lights Outdoor Manufacture In China

LELED Lighting is a excellent manufacturer of outdoor architecture LED lights products in China.
We mainly provide architecture facade lighting products, Products include: Wall washer, Projector Lights, In ground Lights, On Ground Lights, Underwater Lights, Wall Lights, Contour Lights, and so on..

We only provide high quality outdoor LED light with reasonable price, Factory direct sales with competitive price.

Why do you choose our outdoor LED wall lights products

LELED Lighting have 10 years of experience in outdoor lighting products. There are a large number of projects at home and abroad using our products. We only make outdoor lighting products, so we are professional.

We have a full range of outdoor LED wall lights, All the products are our own private mould, Excellent quality, beautiful appearance。

  • We use high strength AD12 dia-casting aluminum housing, more than a few times the price of ordinary aluminum or other heat dissipating materials.
  • High quality constant current driving power supply, To ensure the service life of LED wall lights outdoor.
  • Selection of imported LED Chip, The default is CREE LED or OSRAM LED, Reduce the attenuation of light, Improve the service life of outdoor wall lights.
  • Outdoor wall lights must be anti-corrosion, waterproof, So we have double waterproof design, And easy maintenance and update, High standard aging test. Waterproof requirements are all 0.5M deep water test for 8 hours. IP grade all are above IP65.
  • A variety of color temperature choose (1700K-6500K).