LED Building Outline Lighting

LELED Lighting is a leading manufacturer of Outdoor LED lighting products in China.
  • 8 years LED Lighting Experiences.
    We have very experienced R&D engineers and strong ability to do ODM projects.
  • ISO9001 certification.
    Complete & strict quality control system from incoming material quality control, procession quality control to ready prodcut quality control.
    Products must accept 5 kinds of Checks during production, raw material check, Lights beads check, aluminum plate check.
    Power supply check and the finished products need to pass 48 hours aging test.
  • Main products: LED Wall Washer, LED Flood Lights, LED Inground Lighting, LED Underwater Lights, LED Strip Lights etc.

LED outline lighting  is made of high quality super bright LED light-emitting diodes , Mainly for urban LED landscape lighting effect.
This product has a low power consumption, low heat, long life, impact resistance , high reliability, energy saving, light color and soft , High brightness . Pure color, Rich color , Long life , The average life of20,000 to 50,000 hours.

For billboards background , overpasses , river, lake fence, building outlines and other large dynamic band of light being , You can have a magnificent rainbow effect.
Guardrail decorated with the outline of the building, the United States can play a prominent color effect lighting buildings.
Facts have proved that it has become a wonderful lighting products , bloom in dynamic city .