• Waterscape features I

    Waterscape is by the image of the material, size, posture, such as sound, light, color and water blending together, between them is an interrelated whole.

  • Waterscape features II

    In water culture landscape, different types of water landscape is rich resources, should be build in the water landscape. An open water culture landscape in contact with the people, for people viewing, so it has the commonality, openness and participation, it is people’s share of water culture.

  • Waterscape features III

    Residential landscape has innate affinity for water, such as landscape, residential landscape, artificial landscape, outdoor space landscape, natural landscape, pay attention to the harmonious relationship between water and human. The modern people to pursue a comfortable, safe, healthy and elegant life, to meet the various requirements of material and spiritual living life, want to notice to improve the quality of the water culture