LED Inground Lighting Manufacturers China, High qulity, Good Price

LED Inground Lighting Manufacturers China

LELED Lighting is a leading manufacturer of Outdoor LED Lighting products in China.

  • 8 years LED Lighting Experiences.
    We have very experienced R&D engineers and strong ability to do ODM projects.
  • ISO9001 certification.
    Complete & strict quality control system from incoming material quality control, procession quality control to ready prodcut quality control.
    Products must accept 5 kinds of Checks during production, raw material check, Lights beads check, aluminum plate check.
    Power supply check and the finished products need to pass 48 hours aging test.
  • Main products: LED Wall Washer, LED Flood Lights, LED Inground Lights, LED Underwater Lights, LED Strip Lights etc.

LED Inground Lighting product is specially designed to be applied in outdoor settings as courtyard, stages, And gardens and it can be installed in pavement, baseboards, etc. It is not suitable for use underwater.

Outdoor in ground lights and well lights are more concealed, With less flexibility and more permanence in positioning, these in grade or below grade lights are ideally suited for accenting architectural features, facades, or sculptures.
Best kept away from large tress and foliage, Install LED ground lighting in a sidewalk or soft landscaping to create a durable and permanent outdoor lighting solution with a architectural look.

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