Architectural Contour lighting is to use the line light source to directly outline the building, and to illuminate the edge of the building with a narrow beam of light can also be used to outline the outline.

    This method is more suitable for buildings with unique shapes, and highlights the special geometry of the building under the landscape with low brightness requirements.

    LED contour lights PMMA & linear ceiling and wall luminaires in China
    LED contour lights PMMA & linear ceiling and wall luminaires in China

    The development of linear contour lamps is synchronized with the development of light sources. At present, due to the emergence of new light sources such as LEDs, linear contour lamps have gained a lot in building night lighting projects due to their advantages of energy saving, simple lighting design, and convenient installation and maintenance. Centralized application.

    However, this simple stacking will flatten the building, fail to reflect the characteristics of the building, and counteract the expression of the night landscape. Therefore, the line profile light line type should be used with caution.

    The use of contour lights should follow the principle of small scope and interest, and be used locally in buildings (groups) to avoid a wide range of simple stacking.

    In combination with the structure of the building, the use of structures such as local arcs of the building, or the use of disorderly lighting, subverting the rigid edges of the contours, creating a scene lighting consistent with the positioning of the building.
    In the local use process, the brightness of the linear luminaire should be controlled to match the brightness of the night illumination of other parts, increasing the stereoscopic effect and avoiding the design effects of other lighting modes such as floodlighting.
    In addition, the design, construction, and owner units should pay attention to the influence of the quality of the lamps, and high-quality line profile lamps are preferred.