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    Surface illumination including urban rivers and pools, the illumination of the lake, commonly used several methods of lighting.

    1. The surface contour lighting

    With modelling elegant lamp or lawn lamp, street lamp, baluster fiber lamp, sketch an outline of the river bank or on the shore of lake, both light up along the Banks of the river, pool, the beautiful scenery of the lake, and convenient for tourists to visit. Lighting appear above the surface of the water surface contour edge contour lines of beauty.

    2. The water static lighting

    Using the calm water of the scenery on the other side of the larger reflection illumination, show a kind of special scenery beautiful lighting. Requirements between viewing places and watch the scenery to has the calm water, requires no obstacles between the viewer and the scenery at the same time keep out line of sight, at night, the water, there should be reasonable space combination between viewing position. The surface often has a pavilion, pavilions, Bridges, pile of stones, trees, and boat lights, to hard to night view lighting decoration, the scene that the characters and the water reflection surface forming a second night view lighting landscape.

    3. Water scene dynamic lighting

    Under the surface of the water in the breeze, to give a series. Under the action of fountains, the water also can produce and cause the changing of the surface reflection direction, across the surface of the decorative lighting illumination or water scenery and so on the surface of ornamental effect after refraction tends to move feeling, don’t have a taste.

    If the river water slowly or lake basin breeze, across lighting scene from the water sparkling reflections, lighting scene and reflection, interest is full, have a wonderful dynamic effect.

    4. The water lamp act the role ofing

    Decorate in the water floating lights adorn the water scenery, lighting can also be on the surface of the water are interested in building lighting landscape. Lamp itself has a good view and admire a gender, and the reflection in the water, will produce very good static and dynamic ornamental effect.

    5. Streams lighting

    Shallow small winding water into streams, it with the surrounding hills of gravel and flowers and plants trees, together constitute the garden scene. Streams shallow water depth, cannot install the underwater lamp, should install wide beam in the rock or a tree near the bifurcation project-light lamp, “moonlight” was carried out on the scenery near streams and flood lighting. Don’t too bright light, make the scenery near streams and show in front of the visitors, give a person a kind of quiet, comfortable feeling. Gentle stream can be on the other side of the scenery cloth lamp, the reflection in the water to form a scene.

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