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    In the face of a LED engineering projects, how does the right to choose a LED products to complete a project and LED the project need which steps. The following is a project of the scheme LED steps:
    -According to the engineering site selection corresponding products
    Along with the development of LED, the application of LED more and more widely, also used in different engineering site, now in its classification:

    • The overpass, river, garden fence, exterior, interior decoration: the outline of the outline of the sex like this lighting, we usually use LED guardrail tube and LED rainbow neon tube and LED more and requirements of the effect is complicated place, or guardrail tube is more appropriate, also easy to control. But in the use of the barrier to pay attention to the guardrail tube seal, joint of waterproof, the length of the cascade until some requirements. If you’ll be back to the project plan increase trouble. LED lights take control effect is a relatively simple, can achieve some jump to change, gradual change and so on some effect, the cost is low in cost, installation is more convenient and easy to maintenance. If the customer requirements of the effect is not too complex, can choose this product.
    • Shine words and light box: LED module and LED soft article light, and LED light is more appropriate hard article. Their softness is stronger, more flexible installation, according to different brightness can choose different power LED with different drive and control system can realize complex single point control effect. LED module at present technology is mature, waterproof aspects of individually the processing. But at present, the LED module in quality of different level, the price also have very big difference. We can according to price-performance to choose.
    • Complex exterior lighting, building the light in through lighting, indoor local lighting, afforestation landscape lighting, bars and discos entertainment such as atmosphere lighting. Like this need to local lighting and enhancement of the sites that I use personal advice is LED project-light lamp and LED wall lamp is more appropriate wash of light Angle can be controlled easily through the lens, irradiation distance is far, identified on the controller can realize a variety of different effect ah.
    • Factory production line, the gallery wall ark, stores and home window lighting: along with the development of the white LED, LED is used for lighting is soon get development, LED fluorescent lamp, and LED light bulb will soon replace before products. But the current LED the white light cost or is higher, astigmatism performance of even a lot of will improve.
    • Traffic and transportation illumination: I will no longer detail, traffic lights and LED street lamp is the typical applications.
    • Information display: various kinds of large and small electronic display screen is also LED, become one of the main display information. Large information display control is more complex, especially waterproof outdoor is also a more critical place.

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