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    European style refers to the unique style of Europe refers to is the style with traditional European art and cultural characteristics.
    According to the time period is often divided into:
    1, the classical style (ancient Greece style, ancient Roman style), style, Renaissance, Baroque style, neo-classical, Rococo style, and so on.
    2, according to the different regional cultures include:
    Eastern Mediterranean style, France, Baroque style, United Kingdom Baroque style, Scandinavian style, American style, and so on. 3, when it comes to European style, gives a grand, solemn, graceful and harmonious, ornate, luxurious feel.

    European-style architecture is complex, Roman pillars, waistline, pointed ribbed vault, Arch and Arch doors and plenty of wall decoration. Lighting is mainly dominated by projected floodlight, the most important is the focus outline the shape of, for example, base, stigma, roofs and other parts.
    Pay attention to hidden lights, and avoid light interference within the window of the room.
    European architectural lighting is both science and art, in the process of designing, pay attention to three points:
    First, grasp the structure of European architecture, leveraging the strength;
    Second, grasp the color characteristics of European architecture, changes in combination; Third, grasping the cultural identity of European architecture, which coincide with the trait.

    1. the overall flood lighting
    Using high power spot light lamps or floodlights reflect the sense of building volume, majestic atmosphere, simple. Lack of layering. During this period HIT light-led status lamp large installation space is limited. Lighting the way to light.

    2. spot light/+ linear wall wash
    Light layering, reflects the architectural wealth of structural features, showing columns of tall, dignified and elegant, bold and majestic, reflecting wall smooth line.

    3. point, line, outline contours;
    Overall effect of commercialization, dynamic; to reflect the building outline, but did not incorporate European architecture of dignified, beautiful, gorgeous temperament.

    4. local spot lighting;
    Lighting installation under the arches, stark light, chiaroscuro effect. Cleverly showing European architectural columns with the arched shape of the securities portfolio. The overall effect is simple and.

    5. local spot light and linear wall wash lighting;
    With the wide application of LED light source, lamps and small in size, installation flexibility, provide wider space for lighting design. Lighting design expression of delicate, refined, more attention to architectural detail. Figure in the architectural lighting design reflecting European construction columns, arched Windows, Gables, parapets structure. That reflects a grand, Grand European architecture and show European buildings beautifully detailed, rich sense of rhythm.

    6.RGB intelligent control;
    With the continuous development of new technologies, lighting design and the more artistic effect. Applying LED,RGB lamps by DMX control, achieve the overall effects, broke the European architectural tradition of lighting concepts (magnificence, magnificence, the Supreme Royal temperament), to European architectural lighting provides a new way of lighting. But remember the color you want to use to control, too much.

    7. lamp applications;
    Use of projection lamps through system control, flexibility, this bold new lighting, makes the look even more dramatic at night of European architecture. Performance. Ornamental. Generally suitable for specific activities and festivals.