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    1. River of lakes and pools, waterfalls and streams, are all nature nature’s beautiful natural landscape. Fountain is a kind of water feature, but fountain has developed rapidly, and became an important city landscape.

    2. ground water from rocks, ground clearance, water jet, to form spectacular geysers.

    3. the fountain is a kind of water feature, because development of the fountain and urban construction in an important position, sometimes treated it as another professional. Water features can be divided into three categories:
    I. naturally occurring water landscape. Rivers, lakes, waterfalls and streams, and so on.
    II. use of, artificial terrain civil structure, modelled on the water landscape formed by natural water features, such as artificial streams, waterfalls, lakes, springs, folded lanterns.
    III. using the artificial fountain built equipment, various types of fountains. The fountains include: natural and artificial fountains, colorful fountains, fountains, ordinary program-controlled variable frequency color colorful musical fountain, fountain, power dry fountain, spray fountains, colorful musical fountain, fountain of fun. Water features include four types of lighting: ① water landscape lighting; II the underwater landscape lighting ③ waterfall or waterfalls landscape lighting.
    IV. nightscape lighting of fountains and a water curtain. Fountain’s fastest growing, high technology content, the most widely used water feature lighting.

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