Wall Wash Lighting RGB DMX SMD Outdoor Epistar LED DC24V

Why to choose long-life led driver

There are two primary factors in the justification of most solid state lighting systems.The first is energy savings. However,there are other alternative lighting technologies that offer high efficiency for lower initial costs.The second justification,lower maintenance costs,is therefore critical.LEDs have the advantage of much longer life than most other lighting technologies. Reduced replacement and/or maintenance costs […]

How to choose a reasonable led power system

Choose how much amount of product, how the connections, the control system design, if not the AC product, to choose a good power system. This is a more complicated link.

What is the distribution curve

Light distribution curve of the definition:
Distribution curve is actually a lamp or light source that emits light in the space distribution. It can record the luminous flux of lamps, light quantity, power, power factor, lamp size, lamp efficiency, including lamp manufacturers, models and other information. The most important thing of course, recorded the light in all directions the light intensity.

Enhance the application of the static test technology in the LED quality

LED applications has been extended to various fields, including the LCD Backlight, Backlight phone, signal lights, art lighting, architectural lighting and stage lighting control, home lighting and other fields, according to DIGITIMES Reasearch survey