How to choose the right LED flood lights?

LED flood lights are strategically placed to provide high quality lighting for areas such as over-head highway sign lighting, architecture lighting, building facades, and other similar applications.

RGB DMX512 LED Spotlight & LED Projector Lamp With Outdoor Architecture Facade Landscape China

Selection Guide and application of LED lighting

the building exterior lighting
An area of the building project, is that the head using the control beam angle and the square head shape Floodlights, which Floodlights with the traditional concept of exactly the same. However

Selection of LED Switching Power Supply

Input anti-jamming performance switching power supply, because of the characteristics of its own circuit (Tandem), the general input disturbance, such as surge voltage is difficult to pass

How to choose a reasonable led power system

Choose how much amount of product, how the connections, the control system design, if not the AC product, to choose a good power system. This is a more complicated link.

How to choose good LED lighting

Modern lighting has become a light culture in the field of LED lighting to provide consumers with high-quality lighting products will also provide total lighting solutions for first place, has become a trend. Therefore, the selected lamps should focus on the macro choose reputable manufacturers, brand good products.

How to choose led wall washer

In the face of a LED engineering projects, how does the right to choose a LED products to complete a project and LED the project need which steps. The following is a project of the scheme LED steps