How to choose the right LED flood lights?

LED flood lights are strategically placed to provide high quality lighting for areas such as over-head highway sign lighting, architecture lighting, building facades, and other similar applications.

LED projector lighting, LED flood light with distinction

LED projector lighting called spotlight, projection lamps, spotlights, etc., mainly used for decoration lighting use, and commercial space lighting, decorative elements heavier, its shape is also a well-rounded because the general had to consider the reasons for cooling and therefore its shape with the traditional projection lamp, there are some differences.

LED lighting Control System Overview

LED lighting in the landscape lighting has gone through ten years of history, and its control technology has developed in several stages, each stage to solve the many problems at the same time raises new questions each point. The following LED control technology to further discussion.

RGB DMX512 LED Spotlight & LED Projector Lamp With Outdoor Architecture Facade Landscape China

Selection Guide and application of LED lighting

the building exterior lighting
An area of the building project, is that the head using the control beam angle and the square head shape Floodlights, which Floodlights with the traditional concept of exactly the same. However