LED Water Wave Effect Light

Cross ripples, light and shadow mottled

The Waterwave effect light lamp apply to projector and
wall washer at night,It can be projected on the external walls
of buildings, bridges, roads, garden landscapes and other objects.


What is your color?

Put your creative hat on & colour up your abode with rgbw LED projector!
Pick your colour at leledlighting!

50W RGBW LED Flood Lights


Onground Floodlights


Portable On Ground Floodlights apply to buildings,
bridges, parks, ancient buildings, flood lighting etc..
Can be placed on the ground or buried underground.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Supply and Wholesale, Choose the most valuable High Quality Exterior Lights Products from leled lighting in China.

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11 Years of Manufacturing Experience

Established in 2008, LELED Lighting have been focusing on LED Architectural lights and LED façade lights products, We understand the challenges that you face.

Comprehensive Products

We offers comprehensive and innovative lighting products to meet different customer needs. Focus on producing outdoor LED Flood Lights, LED Wall Washer Lights, LED Inground Lighting, etc..

Refused To Inferior LED Lights

The high quality lighting products is a result of constant research in quality materialsand manufacturing processes. Using CREE or OSRAM chip, 6063 aluminum, High quality driving power supply.

OEM Customized Lights

According to your needs and customized to suit different customers, Including color, size, material, etc.  According to your design and manufacture of molds.

Fast Delivery

All outdoor LED flood lights and LED wall washer will be delivered within Two week. For Non standardized customized LED lighting with Material, lamp color, Number of LEDs,LED lights Length, the lead time is about 20 day.

High protection level

Protection level higher than IP65,All led lighting be used outdoors, We handle all manufacturing process, including: LED packaging, SMD, Assembling, Silicone coating, QC system.

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